July 19-31, 2020

Kenya offers travelers a beautiful landscape, an array of wonderous wildlife and a cultural experience like no other. On the trip, we’ll also take you beyond the safari and onto the beaten path—the one that’s not walked by tourists, but by the people who call this beautiful country home.

Memorable Moments

Itinerary Highlights


Join Maasai women and practice traditional beading, which allows families to thrive as they earn a sustainable income and keep this essential element of Maasai culture alive.


Visit local projects, including schools and water wells where you will contribute first-hand and give back to the places you’re visiting. Digging the foundations of a school room, brick laying and mixing cements are just some of the tasks you will do.


Walk side-by-side with women as they fetch water, care for their animals and cook food for their families—learning what it takes for a community to thrive. Then discuss what access to clean water looks like in your community!


Train in the art of Maasai weaponry as you learn about what it takes to become a Maasai warrior. Your guide will accompany for the duration of your trip and take you on a safari to see elephants, zebras, lions and more!

No tourists. No tour buses.
No tourists. No tour buses.

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