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Explore India your way


Explore India your way

Looking for a truly unique experience in India? We can help create a tailor-made trip fit just for you. From arranging flights, add-on tours and one-of-a-kind experiences, our travel advisors will take care of everything. Squeeze as much as you can into a short stay, find an exciting extension to cap off your adventure or look for more opportunities to give back—whatever you dream up, we’ll bring it to life!

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Taj Mahal

This beautiful, iconic building is a must-see site and is often referred to as the greatest structure in the world. Constructed from white marble and semiprecious stones, Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan had it built between 1631 and 1648 for his favorite wife.

Trip highlights: Journey to Agram wander the corridors of Agra Fort, tour the Taj Mahal at sunset.

The Golden Triangle

Explore this historic region filled with medieval fortresses, towering palaces and magnificent landscaped estates. Discover the beauty of the picturesque city of Deogarh Mahal, drink in the views atop Amber Fort and top off your visit with a sunset elephant ride.

Trip highlights: Enjoy tea with the royal family in Deogarh, explore Jaipur, view the sunset while riding an elephant, tour Agra

Explore more of South Asia/India

Destinations include Varanasi, beaches of Goa or Maldives, Tiger/Leopard safari, Delhi tours etc.

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